Discontinued golf ball model? What do I play next?

I have a basic question for golf ball manufacturers. When you discontinue a golf ball, how do I know which model replaces it?


I have found a ball that I like,  the maker has discontinued it, none of the current models use the same words to describe it. They use words like ultra, mega, long, distance, feel, control, hex, but no specifications.  I can understand if the don’t want to reveal competitive information,  but at least publish a roadmap.


I think without knowing the next evolution,  many golfers will stray to other golf equipment manufacturers that are using the current buzzwords.  Hydro-über-super-hot may catch the eye of the occasional golfer, but serious golfers want what they are used to, consistency, repeatability are words I like to think of when it comes to my golf ball.

Titleist continues with the ProV1, and other models that are obvious to follow year after year.  Why can’t the others?

Author: GolfGod

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